What Makes Success?

April 22, 2017

              In today’s society there seems to be confusion about what will make a person so called “successful”. Some people think it’s GPA, some people think it’s attending overpriced private universities, some people think it’s because you were born into an upper class family. While perhaps maybe some of those factors may help you, they are not the sole factors that you will make you successful. Just because you graduated and now have a college degree doesn’t mean that you’re going to have people lining up, fawning over you to hire you. Oh, and for the record, just because perhaps you don’t have a college degree doesn’t mean that you will never be able to get ahead in life, the world has plenty of billionaires that didn’t get there by going to get a undergraduate degree.

            The recipe for successful people is quite complex and not as simple as people think. There’s a heavy emphasis on education = success, but that frankly is not the case. The most successful people in the world in their designated field all have specific characteristics in common; that’s drive, determination and resilience. They have passion for their area of expertise that is just on fire, and an inner force that is constantly pushing them and driving their innovation. Most importantly though, they have pushed back through their failures, and had the strength to get back up every time they were knocked down because they had such passion for their dreams-and yes every single successful person has failed before! Those that have never failed at anything have never attempted at anything.

Albert Einstein’s failed multiple subjects, didn’t speak till the age of four, and didn’t read until he was seven, his teachers thought he was mentally slow, a poor student, who didn’t think he would become much of anything. I doubt he took much time caring about what the teachers thought of him, or spent much time crying that he failed a few subjects because he later won the Nobel Prize for physics. Walt Disney was fired from a newspaper company he used to work at for not having any original ideas, and lacking creativity. Good thing he didn’t let his former employer’s opinions of him define him, and it’s a good thing he didn’t throw his dream away, because he became the greatest storyteller of all time. Oprah was demoted from one of her first jobs as a news anchor, apparently she wasn’t fit for television, that’s a good thing that didn’t stop her because she now one of the highest paid females in entertainment!

            So did all of these people have a magic wand waved over them of coming from wealthy families, 4.0 GPAs, and everybody kissing the ground they walked on that magically gave them success? No. But they may had a few personality traits in common, passion, drive, resilience, strength, determination……oh and not caring what others thought of them!

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