Tips for an Awesome Resume

April 22, 2017


  1. Length-Try to keep your resume 1-2 pages, your goal for your resume is to keep it short, sweet and to the point. A CV’s purpose is for it to be a longer version of your resume, with more details.
  2. Modify for the Job Your Applying for-Edit your resume based off of the job your applying for, if you have had only one job in that related field spend a little bit more space writing about that and less on the others. Also, in the world of technology most job applications are filled out online; in a competitive field/company, many of them have computer programs that weed out resumes and applications before they even get to an actual person. Therefore, be sure to add in some keywords that are related to the position you are applying for to get your application picked up.
  3. Keep it in Reverse Chronological Order– Be sure to keep your experiences in reverse chronological order from the most recent experience to the least recent experience. This keeps your resume nice and organized, plus it is essential that your future employer reads your most recent experience first. Sometimes people may only read the first parts of the resume and not finish it.
  4. Make the Formatting Simple-Unless you are applying for a graphic design or art job try to keep the formatting and design of the resume simple and tasteful. Make sure the font is basic (such as Times New Roman, Calibri, Ariel, etc.). It’s okay to use different fonts for your names, and headers, just make sure it’s consistent. Graphics are okay if it’s not used excessively.
  5. No Experience? No issues- If you haven’t had a job before or haven’t had many, feel free to add in a volunteer experiences section to your resume to show other responsibilities and titles you have had.
  6. Don’t Include GPA– If you have had a list of academic awards or achievements you’ve received such as sum cum lade, magna cum lade, etc. add that, just not the GPA.  First off, if you have a low GPA, they may not be impressed with that but for some people a low GPA may be anything less than a 3.0 vs. some people it may be anything less than a 4.0-you don’t know. Additionally, some managers may not like 4.0 students, no kidding. I had a bunch of potential managers for a local employer come to one of my undergraduate classes, a few said they would take the 2.8 student over the 4.0 student any day, that the 4.0 student would be too by the book and hard to deal with it. Bottom line, just don’t add it.
  7. Save it as a PDF, Not a Word-If you save your resume as a PDF it prevents the formatting from getting messed up when a hiring manager clicks on it.
  8. Brag-Your resume is a place to brag about how amazing you are and what a wonderful potential employee you may be, feel free to add in your accomplishments at your jobs, skills you have gained, or anything that will help you stand out!

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