Selfies-A New Narcissism

April 22, 2017

Ah the selfies, a new phenomena introduced by the world of social media. For those that do not know a selfie is a photo one takes of themselves, with only themselves. Sounds simply right? Not so fast.

I always feel bad for the girl I see posting multiple selfies of herself almost daily. The act of the picture taking are telling me a lot more about her than the picture it’s self. I notice that there is a “look at me” attention that comes with selfie taking, look at how pretty I am, look at how beautiful I am. It’s a vicious cycle-people see the picture, people like the picture, people comment on the picture, and then she feels better about herself, just with the post of a picture.

Those that are confident in themselves and are happy in their own skin don’t need the recognition of others to feel good about themselves. Confidence and self worth starts with being accepted by ourselves, not by others.