April 22, 2017


I watched a documentary recently that talked about the cycle of materialism. How people dream of affording more expensive things, and once they get raises in pay and can finally afford those things their lifestyle only gets more expensive and they continue to want more. Its an endless circle of getting more and wanting more, getting more and wanting more. They’re never satisfied.

Just the thought of people need a certain kind of car, or house, or outfit to “fit it”, or feel good about themselves sounds so stressful just thinking about. Now just think about wanting less, being content with less, being fulfilled with less. Just think about it, not having certain clothes, not having a certain kind of house, how less stressful and freeing that thought is. Materialistic goods that perish and expensive lifestyles don’t bring happiness, more often than not it brings a load of debt, pain and living paycheck to paycheck, which turns this search for happiness into a curse. Many people search for happiness in things and expensive lifestyles and are confused when they never find it.

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    couldn’t agree more..great post!

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