Keeping Up With The Jones’s

April 22, 2017

They used to be our next-door neighbors, but now we keep them in our back pockets, the Jones’s. Fifty years ago, they were the family that lived down the street from us who always had the bigger cars, the nicer clothes, the more expensive house, and the perfect family. Of course they wouldn’t share that they are in debt up to their eyeballs, their mortgage is underwater, or that their fifteen year old just got in trouble with the cops.

Now the Jones’s are popping up in our newsfeeds while we scroll through our social media accounts showing the world how they’re “living it up” on lavish vacations, designer clothes, and brand new Mercedes. We start to compare ourselves, how come I’m not taking a month off to find myself while backpacking across Europe? How come I can’t afford a brand new Coach purse every few months? How come I can’t afford buying a brand new sports car? I’ve only been out of college for a few years! What am I doing so wrong that they are doing so right?

Comparison on social media, we are all victim to it. It’s natural to start comparing and feeling insecure about ourselves to others when people start showing how glamorous their lives are on social media. Of course, they won’t share that they may live in nicest part of town but live pay check to pay check to just get by, of course they won’t tell you that Mommy and Daddy are financing their trip to Europe because being able to find yourself while skiing down the Swiss Alps is essential to becoming a grown up, of course they won’t tell you that their third designer purse they bought this month is digging them into a deeper and deeper hole of credit card debt, because who wants to be honest about all of that?

Remember people only want you to see a “part” of themselves while on social media, not the whole picture. The beauty and evil of that is they can only control which “part” we see, so naturally (especially those that are insecure), will try to make their lives seem more lavish than they really are. So the next time you find yourself comparing yourselves to those online, just remember things aren’t always as they appear.

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