13 Reasons Why I Don’t Like 13 Reasons Why

May 12, 2017

I’m sure most of you know of the very popular Netflix show about a young high school girl that commits suicide and leaves behind suicide tapes for the kids at school to listen to. The show has been quite controversial for a number of reasons, and these are just a few of the reasons I’m not a fan of the show:


  1. Adults Need To Handle Mental Health Problems, Not Kids: In the show the main character leaves suicide tapes behind for the kids that picked on her in school and the kids at school pass them around secretly. Kids that are dealing with suicidal thoughts or the death of a peer to suicide need adult intervention, not a kid intervention.
  2. It’s Rated MA: The show is rated MA, which means it’s not appropriate for children under 17 years old to watch. The show is very graphic, and shouldn’t be watched by kids or teenagers, but the main characters are high schools. Therefore, its very appealing to high students, and younger to watch. Kids loves watching shows about people their own age so of course they are going to watch it.
  3. Depicting That Suicide is Caused by Bullying: The show portray that the girl committed suicide because she was bullied, even though bullying can make kids that are depressed feel even worse, people don’t commit suicide because people were unkind to them, people commit suicide because they are not well.
  4. Portraying that Suicide is a Long Thought Out Process: Show depicts that suicide is a long thought out process since she leaves these long extensive suicide tapes for her peers. Most times than not, it’s a very impulsive decision made when someone is not well.
  5. There Are No Appropriate Mental Health Resources Shown: The show portrays the schools guidance counselor in a negative light, dismissing the girl’s problems. Guidance counselors are a trusted source for kids at school to go to with mental health needs. Also, the show does not show any mental health resources in the credits, which I think it should.
  6. The Parents Lack of Involvement: The teenage girl was dealing with all of this bullying, and the parents had no idea what was going on with her. It’s so important that parents communicate with their kids on a regular basis, especially about their feelings, and know what’s going on with them. The parents never had these conversations with her.
  7. It Gives Kids Bad Ideas About How to Deal with Their Problems-Enough said.
  8. It Doesn’t Talk About Mental Illness: Things like depression, mental illness are not even talked about on this show, so no it not healthy for teens to watch, and no it’s not sparking a “mental illness talk” in an appropriate way.
  9. Glamourizing Suicide: The show glamourizes suicide and revenge suicides by having her make a bunch of suicide tapes for the kids who were mean to her at school to listen to.
  10. The Graphic Scenes: The show shows really graphic images of a suicide attempt, and sexual assaults that are just down right disturbing.
  11. Using Suicide to Teach Others A Lesson: The main character uses tapes to get back at her peers and hopes that they will finally understand her. That character showed signs of a personality disorder with that kind of thinking.
  12. The Show Is Triggering To Those With Mental Health Problems: It’s being reported that the show is quite triggering for teenagers with mental health problems.
  13. Nothing Therapeutic Comes From It: Nothing healthy comes from this show, what were they hoping they would accomplish?


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    Couldn’t agree more!

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    This is a show that should be watched by adults. As always parents are not paying attention to what their kids are watching. However since your highschooler may be around peers who are talking about this perhaps parents can talk with their kids about it. Perhaps even watch it together and point out the problems with it, such as lack of interaction with guidance counselor and mental health professionals.

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    Parents talk with your kids

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