10 Tips to Prepare for a Job Interview

April 22, 2017

Congrats! You just got a call after you’ve submitted your resume to a potential employer about coming in for an interview! The good news is if they’re calling you in for a job interview, you’ve met all the qualifications; they just want to get to see what your personality is like. Here are just a few tips in preparing for it!

1. Know Where You Are Going For The Job Interview

Don’t wait until the morning of to try to figure out where to go, you risk the chance of getting lost and being late for the interview! Instead either try to do a dry run or have it mapped out at least the day before. Don’t forget to include some wiggle room for traffic!

2. Be Early, But Not Too Early

Make it your goal to arrive between 10-15 minutes early, if you arrive too early like 30 minutes, the staff might feel like they need to entertain you and you become more of a burden to them. And if you’re late, let’s be honest, you’re pretty much out of the running for the position.

3. Do Some Research On The Company

Make sure that you do some research on the company ahead of time, you don’t need to know the company’s full history, just make sure you have some simple background knowledge. Almost all companies have their missions and values statement on their website, try scoping that out.

4. Dress Accordingly

Make sure your outfit is appropriate for the interview; business casual is pretty standard for all interviews. Make sure the outfit fits you comfortably, isn’t too tight, and looks professional.

5. Have Your Resume With You

Make sure you have your resume, any appropriate paperwork, or certifications with you. Most places already have your resume printed out, but just in case they don’t it’s good to have yours on hand, it makes you look put together and professional.

6. Review Your Resume

Make sure you review your resume before you go into an interview. Chances are a lot of questions they are going to be asking you are based off of what you’ve put on your resume, so be sure to do a quick read before hand.

7. Shake Their Hand Before and After The Interview

Handshakes are professional protocol. Be sure to do so at the start of the interview and also by saying hi I’m “so and so” and at the end followed with thank you so much for having me.

8. Ask Questions

Make sure you have a few questions rehearsed that you want to ask during the interview. Try to keep the questions based off the company or the job itself. Don’t ask any questions like “can I have such and such day off in a couple months” that can be off putting to the interviewer.

9. Ask About Follow Up

Be sure to ask the interviewer when you would expect to hear anything back by, that’s just a good timeline for you to have, and it’s stops you from wondering if you got the job or not.

10. Be Yourself!

During an interview, the employer really wants to see what kind of personality you have and how you would fit in with the team. Don’t come across as so robotic you don’t come across as genuine or human.

If you got the job congrats!! And most importantly if you didn’t get the job don’t take it personally, why would you want to work with a company that doesn’t think you are amazing?


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